Harry Caray

Though more often thought of for his sometimes outlandish behavior and black-rimmed oversized glasses, Harry Caray has certainly earned his place among baseball's elite broadcasters. Caray began his career in 1945 broadcasting St. Louis Cardinal games on KMOX. In 1970, Caray moved on to Oakland for a season, before 11 years with the Chicago White Sox and 17 memorable years with the Chicago Cubs. In Caray's first 41 years of broadcasting, he never missed a single game.

Caray was undoubtedly a homer, always rooting for his team. He was, however, an honest homer - often harshly criticizing his own team's players. "If they're horseshit there's nothing I can do about it," was his way of looking at things. His personality always outshined his broadcasting. Caray was known to occasionally broadcast games from the bleachers with a cooler of beer, and often grabbed foul bowls with a long fishing net. His leading of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" dangling from his booth in Wrigley Field was always a fan favorite.

Caray's trademark calls, "Holy Cow!" and "It might be, it could be, it is!" are known throughout the baseball world. His broadcasts, though quite brazen, are very good, earning Caray a spot in the Baseball hall of fame in 1989. Caray's son and grandson are both major league broadcasters.

Harry Caray
1945-1969 St. Louis Cardinals
1970-1971 Oakland Athletics
1971-1981 Chicago White Sox
1982-1997 Chicago Cubs



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