Red Barber

Essentially the original baseball broadcaster, Red Barber is the model for everyone after him, and a true legend of the industry. Born in 1908 in Columbus, Mississippi, Barber knew he wanted to work in front of a microphone at a young age. He dropped out of school to start a broadcasting career, and began work at the University of Florida's WRUF. At the age of 26, Barber broadcast the first major league game he had ever seen for the Cincinnatti Reds.

Barber worked the Reds booth until 1938, before moving to the Brooklyn Dodgers organization for 15 years where he trained the great Vin Scully. Barber then spent the final 13 seasons of his 33 year career with the New York Yankees.

During his career, Barber broadcast baseball's first night game in 1935 and the first television broadcast of the game in 1939. With his informative, down-to-earth style, Barber, along with Mel Allen, was the first broadcaster inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. Barber is also the author of several books, including "Rhubarb in the Catbird Seat."

Red Barber
1934-1938 Cincinnatti Reds
1939-1953 Brooklyn Dodgers
1954-1966 New York Yankees



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