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Here are some of the books that have been published about Oprah:

1. Lillie Patterson, Cornelia H. Wright, Oprah Winfrey : Talk Show Host and Actress (Contemporary Women Series).

2. Rosie Daley, Oprah Winfrey, In the Kitchen With Rosie : Oprah's Favorite Recipes, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., 1994.

3. George Mair, Oprah Winfrey: The Real Story, Carol Publishing Group, 1996.

4. Bob Greene, Oprah Winfrey, Make the Connection : Ten Steps to a Better Body-And a Better Life, Oprah Winfrey Pub., 1996.

5. Bob Greene, Oprah Winfrey, A Journal of Daily Renewal : The Companion to Make the Connection, 1997.

6. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Adler (Editor), The Uncommon Wisdom of Oprah Winfrey : A Portrait in Her Own Words, Birch Lane Pr, January 1997, 334 pp.

7. Oprah Winfrey, Ken Regan (Photographer), Journey to Beloved, 1998.

8. Andre Walker, Teresa Wiltz (Contributor), Andre Talks Hair!: With a Special Message from Oprah Winfrey, 208 pp., December 1998.

9. Janet Lowe, Oprah Winfrey Speaks, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998.

10. Judith Janda Presnall, Oprah Winfrey, People in the News (San Diego, Calif.), Lucent Books, January 1999.

11. Sara McIntosh Wooten, Oprah Winfrey: Talk Show Legend (African-American Biographies), Enslow Publishers, Inc, July 1999, 128 pp.

12. Kristin Ward, Learning About Assertiveness from the Life of Oprah Winfrey (Character Building Book), Powerkids Pr, August 1999.

13. Philip Brooks, Oprah Winfrey : A Voice for the People (Book Report Biographies), Franklin Watts, September 1999, 112 pp.

14. H. W. Brands, Masters of Enterprise: Giants of American Business from John Jacob Astor and J.P. Morgan to Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey, Free Press, June 1999, 354 pp.

15. Author unknown, Oprah Winfrey : The Soul and Spirit of a Superstar, Triumph Books, July 2000, 96 pp.

16. Tanya Lee Stone, Oprah Winfrey: Success With an Open Heart (Gateway Biographies), Millbrook Pr Trade, March 2001, 48 pp.

17. Susan Harrow, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah: Ten Steps to Becoming a Guest on the World's Top Talk Show, 2001.

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