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Handling a Crisis
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PRSA's Tips and Techniques: Crisis Management

1. Call an end to the crisis: Ensure that your company has done everything possible to fix the problem and declare an end to it.

2. Follow up: Stay in touch with the victims, keep media informed of any updates, thank your internal publics for their support during the crisis and review company’s policies to avoid a repetition of the situation.

3. Evaluate: Evaluate your performance, analyze what you have learned and revise your crisis management plan by including what you learned in the past experience.


1. Do the right thing: Put the public’s interest and safety before trying to salvage the reputation of the organization. Don’t try to minimize large problems as well as don’t blow problems out of proportion that don’t need to be.

2. Give accurate information quickly: By providing the facts at least to one major media outlet, you still have control of the dissemination of information. Positive, assertive communication moves the process forward to finding a proper solution.

3. Follow up: Make sure that the victims involved are safe and change policies within the company to prevent another crisis.

Before the Crisis | During the Crisis | After the Crisis

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