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                               SPECIAL EVENTS


Special Events

Living Green Ribbon Event
The living green ribbon gather about 75 University of Florida students, faculty and staff to the Reitz Union North Lawn to create life in a new way. The green ribbon is a symbol LIFE through organ and tissue donation. Participants of the ribbon received free green T-shirts, Domino's pizza and many other Get Carded specialty items, such as cups, Frisbees, pens and donor cards.


The living green ribbon was an event that showed life exists in many ways. Each person in the picture signed a giant donor pledge card, which meant they would go home and talk to their families about donation.



The Art of Donation
The art contest was an event where individuals could participant and design a piece of art using any medium they felt comfortable, such as water colors, oil, pastels, charcoal and color pencils. The message was "Brightening Lives Through Organ and Tissue Donation." The art was displayed on the 2nd floor of the Reitz Union at the University of Florida. The top three places all received a cash prize of $150 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place and $50 for 3rd place.


Educational Day
Through the Get Carded educational days, students talk to their peers about donation and share facts and myths about donation. There were two sites set up on the University of Florida campus; one located at the Reitz Union lawn and the other at Turlington Plaza, which are considered two of the busiest areas on campus. Team members encouraged students to sign donor pledge cards, take free pens, cups and pins, and handed out brochures.

Speaker's Forum
The "Let's Talk About Life" speakers' forum gave students and faculty an opportunity to hear true stories from those who have been affected by donation personally as either a recipient or a family member of a donor. The Keynote speaker of the evening was Alachua County Sheriff Stephen Oelrich. Sheriff Oelrich's son was a donor who has saved or enhanced the life of over 100 people. The other four speakers' were University of Florida students. Their stories had the audience almost in tears.

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