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Through the use of a survey, the Get Carded team discovered that most of the students who took the survey lack the proper knowledge about donation.

The survey was given to approximately 100 University of Florida students. Here's what it discovered:

    • 82% believed that one organ and tissue donor could only save or enhance the lives of 25 to 30 people. Actually one donor can save or enhance the lives of over 75 different recipients.
    • About one-half believed that placing "Organ Donor" on a driver's license is a legal way to become an organ and tissue donor. Actually the next of kin has the legal right to consent to donation or not once the person is deceased regardless of what a driver's license states or if a donor card was signed.
    • Many stated they were unclear about donation believing that they did not know enough information to make a decision about donation.

Organ and Tissue Donation Survey

Please answer the following questions True or False:

  1. I know the differences between organ and tissue donation True False
  2. I have considered organ donation. True False
  3. I have considered tissue donation. True False
  4. I plan on being an organ donor. True False
  5. I plan on being a tissue donor. True False
  6. I have spoken with family members about donation. True False
  7. I have expressed my feelings about donation to by family. True False
  8. I know someone who donated organs or tissue. True False
  9. I know someone who has received an organ or tissue transplant. True False
  10. I have "organ donor" on my driver's license. True False
  11. Hospitals will use the "organ donor" stickers on my license as consent for donation. True False
  12. Florida law states that next of kin must give consent for organ and tissue donation. True False
  13. I can be paid for my organs. True False
  14. Signing an organ donor card will affect my quality of medical care. True False
  15. If I am an organ and tissue donor, I cannot have an open-casket funeral ceremony. True False
  16. I would be interested in learning more about donation. True False

Select the most accurate answer:

  1. I have heard about organ and tissue donation.
  2. I would rate my level of knowledge about organ and tissue donation.
  3. I have ____ concerns about organ and tissue donation.
  4. What percentage of organ and tissue donors are minorities?
  5. About how many people are currently waiting for an organ transplant in the U.S.?
  6. One organ and tissue donor has the potential to enhance the lives of ____ people.

Information about you:

  1. Age:
  2. Gender:
  3. Ethnic Background:
  4. What, if any, is your religion?

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