What is Public Relations ?
Public Relations, or PR for short, is defined by Professors Lawrence Long and Vincent Hazelton as, "A communication function of management through which organizations adapt to, alter, or maintain their environment for the purpose of acheiving organizational goals" (Wilcox et al. 4).

In simpler terms, PR's main function is to keep open lines of communication between a company and its publics, so that potential crises can be prevented and changes can be made which are mutually beneficial.

PR practitioners not only have to keep the external publics (the customers, stockholders, etc.) satisfied, but they also have to keep the internal publics (the employees) happy.

PR Today !
For a relatively "new" profession (first recognized early in the 20th century), PR has expanded to the point that it has become a necessity for almost all large businesses. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 150,000 people are employed nationwide as PR practitioners, "one of the fastest growing industries through 2008."

Public Relations is recognized on the global level, with more than 155 different national and regional organizations worldwide. America and Europe are the two biggest players, with Asia expanding rapidly. International PR is becomming very hot !

PR in the Future....
Public Relations has become a global activity that has provided, and is projected to keep providing, an excellent chance for growth among its practitioners. In a lecture given at the University of Florida, Harold Burson, co-founder and chairman of Burson-Marsteller, one of the world's largest PR firms, told students that they needed to diversify their PR skills, and even go further to obtain a master's degree. In this way, they would make themselves more "marketable" in the ever diversifying field of public relations (Carter).

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