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An Introduction
Brazil is home to many of the same companies and manufacturers that are also located in the United States. And, just like the U.S., Brazil has some of its very own businesses that rank in the top 500 worldwide in terms of profit.

Large American Companies in Brazil
- Coca-Cola
- General Motors
- Bankboston
- McDonald's
- Goodyear
- Compaq
- American Express Bank

Some Native Brazilian Corporations
- PetroBras (petroleum)
- Varig (international airline)
- Brahma (beverages)
- Brasmotor (appliances)

Headquartered in Rio
PetroBras, rated as the 161st largest company in the world for the year 2000, has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro (Phonebook). However, much of the banking, and of course stock exchange, is handled in Sao Paulo.
McDonalds came to Brazil in 1979 and opened its first restaurant in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, and their second two years later in, you guessed it, Sao Paulo. From there it has expanded to cover 118 towns and 21 of the 27 states in Brazil (Mcdonald's).

Headquartered in Sao Paulo
As already mentioned, almost all money exchange/banking transactions go through Sao Paulo. Both American Express Bank and BankBoston have South American headquarters there. In fact, BankBoston is building a new skyscraper in the heart of the city...Business must be good.

PR Opportunities...
It is easy to see that there are definitely opportunities for a career in public relations in Brazil. Everyday the profession is opening new doors and coming out of its shell of repression. A PR practitioner could easily apply to work for a Brazilian branch of an American company, or a native Brazilian corporation. It simply depends on which way he or she wants to go. However, as already stressed, a person needs to do his or her research on any country, the land, climate, and people, before considering what could be a drastic change in lifestyle.

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