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Looking for an easy way to connect with other music journalists like yourself? provides a community of music writers and photographers to anyone with a modem and $35 subscription fee. This site provides inspiring music journalists with articles about the industry, and a list of a community of photographers and reporters that can network and support each other. You can also find information about music publications and e-zines so that music journalists looking for work can find a place to write for. Overall this site is very insightful and a must-see for any music journalist freelancer looking to get into the industry.



Music writers and reporters find

the National Writers Union an excellent support tool.

NWU Calls All Types

of Writers

The National Writers Union is another organization you can join as a writer. Any published writer in any genre is eligible to join the Union. You can also join if you have written unpublished material and are seeking to be published. By joining NWU you can benefit from the many services it provides, including grievance resolution, contract advice, job listings, health insurance and press passes. You also join a network of writers across the nation. Membership dues are reasonable and depend on you annual writing income. They range from $95 a year if you make less than $5000 a year to $260 a year if you are one of the lucky few who make more than $50,000.

Coke Quenches Thirst for Music

Rock legend Frank Zappa said, "Most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read." Maybe that was then. But now, the Internet provides tons of information at your fingertips. Rock journalists and fans can no longer be accused of ignorance or stupidity. provides avid fans and writers with biographies of new and old bands, gives tour information and album reviews. This site is fun and worth checking out. Career-wise, the most useful section gives information about careers in the music business, including music journalism.




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