These are some popular music Web sites that provide information for music fans
and a place for music journalists to get their work published.


The ".com" that Rattled Music Journalism

Being established by one of the most popular music magazines in the country, is one of the most popular music journalism sites on the World Wide Web. Much like the magazine, provides information about popular music, including interviews,articles and album reviews. uses the multimedia aspects of the Internet to its advantage. You can watch videos of your favorite band and even rate them. This web site is successful because it provides information and articles different from those featured in the monthly magazine. Magazine articles also have extra features on the web, such as special pictures and downloads. You can download songs on MP3 form and then rate them, of course. has taken music journalism to a different level. Music journalists are no longer just writers or photographers. You can be a filmmaker, a web master, or even the statistician who analyzes the various polls on the site to find out who really is the "dead artist of the year" based on user votes.
In the 1960s and 1970s, some of the best journalists (ever heard of Hunter Thompson?) in the country wrote for Rolling Stone.


The Empire Strikes Again

First it was Television. Now it's the Internet

Ah, MTV, a necessary evil. We hate the fake “reality shows,” the overplayed videos, the way-too-skinny VJs and the screaming teenyboppers on TRL. Yet we feel compelled to push our remote buttons to the putrid sound of Carson Daily’s voice.

MTV has provided a huge outlet for music journalists in the past two decades. Now, provides that same outlet for the new online generation of writers. The site features interviews with the cast members of the many shows on the channel, and interviews with bands and artists. There are also album reviews galore and downloadable clips of new albums and songs. Don't forget to read the latest gossip about Britney Spears or the Osbornes, before you can see it on MTV News.


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