Do you want to write about underground bands and artists?
Check out these hot Web sites for more information.

Revenge of the Geeks Gives Geeks some Game is a cool e-zine that provides tons of information about bands your MTV-loving sister has never heard about. It features album reviews, tour information, and articles about bands, filmmakers and other artists who the mainstream media has chosen to ignore. This is a good resource for any aspiring music journalist who doesn’t want to write about the same old tunes. The web site is thorough and informative, although navigation is a bit confusing.

Help for Beginners

Musicians and Writers Get Started is a site geared toward musicians and people who want to listen to something that is not on the radio 24-7. You can search for new bands in your state or in a distant town you plan to visit. Articles featured include help for bands (how to get airplay, how to record your own tracks, and how to take great publicity photos.

This is a good site for the beginner music journalists. For those musician-writers they accept articles about playing techniques. They also publish articles about the music business that will help small bands make it in a cutthroat industry. The most fun articles are the opinion pieces, which could be submitted by anyone, as long as they are not blatant advertising for your band. makes it clear that you have to know the business to write about it.

An Online Venue for Live Music

Finally there's a Web site dedicated to the writing, chatting and reviewing of live music. features articles from musicians, writers and plain ol’ music fans. Although they don’t pay for any submissions, it is a good start for a music journalist with little to no experience. Do you like to write about really weird music? That’s ok. claims to accept “music from anywhere and no matter what style.” No bands playing in your town? That’s all right too. You can submit an album review of fresh music from a band that has not been signed by a major record label.

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