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At the end of every semester, I have my students anonymously write comments for the next groups of students I will have. Needless to say, some of the comments are quite comical and sometimes harsh. But by asking them what advice they have for new students, what the most challenging part(s) of the course was and what was most rewarding, I can often get some really well-thought answers. Here are just a few from the more than 80 I have on file. If you have some interesting student comments you would like to see added to this page, visit my yahoo group.

"I do as much work outside of class as I can. It's really hard to try and learn something in class while you are writing about it."

"Keep your AP stylebook with you all the time, along with a dictionary. I have used each this semester more than my TV."

"Visit (your teacher) any time you have a question you can't answer. Actually, it doesn't even have to be a question. Sometimes I just go in to get a preview of what we will be doing in the next lab."

"Be versatile. You may have to go between several different writing styles in a few weeks. Know the basics so you can concentrate on the bigger picture."

"Proofread, then proofread, then proofread. And then proofread. There is nothing worse than spending 2.5 hours writing something to have it ruined by a dumb fact error."

"Get your story in a paper. I felt like I was doing something beyong class when I got mine published. It was a neat feeling, and your parents will want copies to show their neighbors."

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