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It really is appropriate to approach teaching mass media writing as if you were teaching a new language. From a journalism and public relations standpoint, this language barrier is often the result of learning and applying the Associated Press style of writing and grammar usage. The sooner your students begin to treat this style of writing as the norm, the quicker they will begin to understand and correctly complete their assignments. One of the best ways to help them understand is by offering worksheets or quizzes to help them practice AP style before they use it in their stories.

Here then, are some AP style and grammar questions that can be used to help your students understand the basics. These items were created by Rob Melton and can be found at http://jteacher.com. This set of items can be reproduced for sharing or classroom use, as stated on the Web site.

I would encourage breaking this test into groups of 15 questions of different kinds and allowing your students to use their stylebooks to answer these questions. It will help them learn to use the book, which is at least as important as memorizing these style rules. Give them 10 minutes to do the entire quiz, and then go over the answers in class.

Instructions: In each of the following sentences, select the choice which is correct according to your stylebook
1. Smith recently received his (a) Master’s Degree. (b) master’s degree. (c) M.A.
2. The play begins at 8 (a) PM (b) P.M. (c) pm (d) p.m. in the auditorium.
3. He was cited for traveling 65 (a) MPH (b) M.P.H. (c) mph (d) m.p.h.
4. This year’s sports program will be sold at the gate for (a) one dollar. (b) $1.00. (c) $1.
5. One of this year’s Junior Achievement sponsors is Freightliner (a) Corporation. (b) Corp.
6. The Chess Club meets (a) Mon., (b) Monday, March 8 in Room 110.
7. The play will be performed at the Sarah Converse Auditorium, 1150 Goodrich, (a) Saint Paul, (b) St. Paul, Minn.
8. The store is located at 1460 Grand (a) Ave. (b) Avenue.
9. On (a) Oct. 21 (b) October 21, Grant soccer will face off against the Madison Senators.
10. Each (a) Dec., (b) December, student government conducts the United Way campaign.
11. James Abernathy plans to attend (a) OSU (b) O.S.U. next year.
12. Elizabeth Bennington received a $1,000 scholarship to (a) Univ. of Oregon. (b) U of O. (c) University of Oregon.
13. Marianne Fielding and Megs Patton will be teaching (a) Eng. (b) English this year.
14. Only two years of (a) P.E. (b) physical education (c) phys. ed. are required.
15. The annual spring press day is sponsored by Oregon Journalism Education (a) Association, Inc. (b) Association Inc.
16. Several students traveled to Frankfurt, (a) Ger. (b) Germany.
17. The center is located on Terrace (a) Dr. (b) Drive in Portland.
18. It is the (a) sixth (b) 6th annual blood drive.
19. Powell’s Books is located on (a) W. Burnside. (b) West Burnside.
20. Susan Eberly chairs the Mathematics (a) Dept. (b) Department.
21. The announcement was made by (a) Supt. (b) Superintendent Matthew Prophet.
22. Jennie Acker, (a) editor, (b) Editor, (c) Ed., (d) ed., announced the changes.
23. Major changes have been announced by (a) Governor (b) Gov. Neil Goldschmidt.
24. It was his (a) twenty-eighth (b) 28th birthday.
25. (a) Senator (b) Sen. Mark Hatfield spoke in favor of a nuclear freeze on Thursday during Nuclear Awareness Day.
26. Records show that birth rates fell 40 (a) per cent (b) % (c) percent in schools with clinics.
27. The storm dumped (a) 10” (b) 10 inches (c) 10 in. of snow on Portland.
28. The column measure is (a) eight (b) 8 picas.
29. Labor Day falls on (a) September 4 (b) September 4th (c) Sept. 4 (d) Sept. 4th this year.
30. Letters should be addressed to the Equestrian, 11717 (a) Northeast (b) N.E. (c) NE Shaver, Portland, Ore. 97220.
31. The (a) Oregon Human Development Corporation (b) OHDC is available to help students find part-time jobs.
32. Qualified students may apply to participate in an off-campus mentorship program through the (a) TAG (b) Talented and Gifted (TAG) (c) Talented and Gifted program.
33. Many students spend Spring Break in Palm Springs, (a) CA. (b) Calif. (c) Cal. (d) California.
34. Carol Simms recently visited (a) AK. (b) Alaska. (c) Alas.
35. Henry Williams won the calf roping event at the rodeo in Dawson, (a) Yukon Terr. (b) Yuk. Terr. (c) Yukon Territory (d) YT.
36. (a) Bros. (b) Brother (c) Bro. John has undertaken a religious vow of silence.
37. For many years, the treasurer of Journalism Education Association has been (a) Sister (b) Sis. (c) sister (d) sis. Rita Jeanne.
38. Pope John Paul II delivered the traditional Christmas message. Next week, (a) the pope (b) the Pope (c) Pope John Paul II (d) the Pontiff will travel to Africa.
39. The Chosen was written by (a) rabbi (b) Rabbi Chiam Potok.
40. The baccalaureate was led by (a) the Rev. (b) The Reverend (c) The Rev. (d) the reverend Dale Harris.
41. The Northwest is perhaps best known for the eruption of (a) Mt. St. Helens. (b) Mount St.
Helens. (c) Mt. Saint Helens. (d) Mount Saint Helens.
42. The issue was referred to a (a) U.N. (b) United Nations committee.
43. Originally, the Coca-Cola clothes line was not manufactured in the (a) U.S. (b) United States.
44. The third quarter report showed a profit for Acme Consolidated (a) Company (b) Co. share-holders.
45. Thanksgiving begins on (a) Nov. 24 (b) November 24 (c) Nov. 24th (d) November 24th this year.

Instructions: From each of the following groups, choose the one which is correctly capitalized according to your stylebook.
1. (a) Columbia River (b) Columbia river
2. (a) Democratic party (b) democratic party (c) Democratic Party
3. (a) room 220 (b) Room 220
4. (a) Columbia and Willamette rivers (b) Columbia and Willamette Rivers
5. (a) French Club (b) French club (c) french club
6. (a) Chess club (b) chess club (c) Chess Club
7. (a) Rally (b) rally
8. (a) Democratic principle (b) democratic principle (c) Democratic Principle
9. (a) Christian (b) christian
10. (a) Pasteurize (b) pasteurize
11. (a) English (b) english
12. (a) Russian (b) russian
13. (a) French Fries (b) french fries (c) French fries
14. (a) the river (b) the River
15. (a) north Bend (b) North Bend
16. (a) U.S. congress (b) U.S. Congress
17. (a) Trojans b) trojans
18. (a) The Merchant Of Venice (b) The Merchant of Venice (c) the Merchant of Venice
19. (a) Ex-Mayor John Babcock (b) ex-mayor John Babcock (c) ex-Mayor John Babcock
20. (a) 8 a.m. (b) 8 A.M. (c) 8 AM
21. (a) Ronald Reagan, President (b) Ronald Reagan, president
22. (a) communism (b) Communism
23. (a) Fascist (b) fascist
24. (a) planet Saturn (b) planet saturn
25. (a) the Sun (b) the sun
26. (a) Earth to Mars (b) earth to Mars (c) earth to mars (d) Earth to mars
27. (a) midwest (b) Midwest
28. (a) War And Peace (the novel) (b) War and Peace (the novel) (c) war and peace (the novel)
29. (a) 2525 Bradbury St. (b) 2525 Bradbury Street (c) 2525 Bradbury street
(d) 2525 Bradbury st.
30. (a) junior class (b) Junior class (c) Junior Class (d) junior Class
31. (a) senior Randy Snow (b) Senior Randy Snow
32. (a) class of 1987 (b) Class of 1987
33. (a) the First Baptist Church (b) the First Baptist church
34. (a) St. Mary’s church (b) St. Mary’s Church
35. (a) the Catholic and Episcopal Churches (b) the Catholic and Episcopal churches
(c) the catholic and episcopal churches
36. (a) snoopy (b) Snoopy
37. (a) 20th century (b) 20th Century
38. (a) Elections committee (b) elections committee (c) Elections Committee
39. (a) A Capella Choir (b) A cappella Choir (c) A capella choir
40. (a) Chess team (b) Chess Team
41. (a) Pep Assembly (b) pep assembly
42. (a) Marshall Lancaster, senior (b) Marshall Lancaster, Senior
43. (a) the Rev. Wayne Hill (b) The Rev. Wayne Hill (c) the rev. Wayne Hill
44. (a) Science department (b) Science Department (c) science department
45. (a) the New York Times (b) The New York Times
46. (a) the Statesman (b) The Statesman
47. (a) Xerox (b) Xerox
48. (a) San Francisco is South of Portland. (b) San Francisco is south of Portland.
49. (a) Winter (b) winter
50. (a) Varsity Soccer Team (b) varsity Soccer Team (c) Varsity soccer team
(d) varsity soccer team
51. (a) Varsity Rally (b) varsity Rally
52. (a) “for Whom the Bell Tolls” (b) “For Whom The Bell Tolls” (c) “For Whom the Bell Tolls”
53. (a) Zip code (b) ZIP code (c) zip code
54. (a) coke (b) Coke
55. (a) satanic (b) Satanic
56. (a) Oriental, Caucasian, Black (b) Oriental, Caucasian, black (c) oriental, caucasian, black
57. (a) Communism (b) communism
58. (a) junior varsity (b) Junior Varsity
59. (a) New Year’s Eve (b) new year’s eve
60. (a) Department of education (b) department of education (c) Department of Education
61. (a) gods of Greek mythology (b) Gods of Greek mythology
62. (a) Bachelor of Arts degree (b) bachelor of arts degree
63. (a) Ph.d. (b) PH.D. (c) Ph.D. (d) ph.d.
64. (a) She spoke spanish. (b) She spoke Spanish.
65. (a) P.T. Barnum said, “A sucker is born every minute.” (b) P.T. Barnum said, “a sucker is born every minute.”
66. (a) Main Office (b) main office (c) Main office
67. (a) Social Studies resource center (b) Social Studies Resource Center (c) social studies resource center
68. (a) statue of Liberty (b) Statue of Liberty (c) statue of liberty
69. (a) the renaissance (b) the Renaissance
70. (a) He made money his god. (b) He made money his God.

Instructions: From each of the following groups, select the sentence which has an identification error.
1. (a) “We couldn’t even get the ball over half court to set up the offense,” said junior J.J.
(b) Assisting the students was Steve Anderson, economics and practical law teacher.
(c) Acting on the school tour is more of a challenge than performing in Ashland, said actress Teri McMahon.
2. (a) According to senior captain Jane Forbes, the score would have been much closer if one of the relay teams hadn’t been disqualified.
(b) “The lodge has a neat, night club atmosphere,” said Senior Class President Milena Novy.
(c) Dr. Karen Steingart, of Physicians for Social Responsibility, discussed alternative uses for the defense budget at the afternoon session.
3. (a) “There is a great traffic problem,” claims Reggie Grey, security officer at Grant.
(b) Senior Amanda Barrett might have the best of both worlds on the island.
(c) Funding for three new Teen Health Centers has been made available, according to Supt. Matthew Prophet.
4. (a) Dr. Prophet will consider comments and concerns from parents before allowing the
clinics to open.
(b) Coach Craig Jorgensen leads the Broncs into the state waterpolo tournament tomorrow in Corvallis.
(c) Health instructor Madeline Larson was glad to see the participation from students.
5. (a) Several pair of large brown eyes followed eighth grader Ellyn Scibora as she walked down the dusty dirt road.
(b) The reason for the more stringent enforcement is the new light rail system, according to Henry Groepper, Public Information Officer for the Portland Police Bureau.
(c) Patrick Oliver, a junior with a history of heart problems, died Monday of heart failure.
6. (a) Members of clubs and other school-related organizations may now receive letters, according to Principal Joe Rodriguez.
(b) The matter was resolved by English Department Head Sherry Clyman.
(c) A writing award presented by the National Council of Teachers of English was awarded to senior David Gang.
7. (a) English teacher Linda Wood was named the district’s Teacher of the Year at last month’s school board meeting. Mrs. Woods said she was honored to receive the award.
(b) The most popular book among freshmen is Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.
(c) “We couldn’t have done it without Mr. McKelvy,” she said.
8. (a) A $1,200 scholarship in honor of their late son Paul Ervin will be awarded to a senior whose GPA is not above 3.2, according to Gary and Marilyn Ervin. His sister, Penni Ervin, graduated in 1985. According to Penni, “He would be proud to know the money was being used for this.”
(b) Kevin McDonald and Sheri Turner were selected Junior Rotarians for October. Kevin
hopes to receive a baseball scholarship and major in physical education.
(c) Sophomore Andrew Wolfe believes, “The coaches were overly optimistic without being realistic in setting the team goals.” Twice, the team lost by only three points. Sophomore Brent Stratton finished 14th in the region, and Wolfe, 19th.
9. (a) The framing will be completed the middle of next week, said carpenter Rusty Woods.
(b) Jim Weaver, representative, bowed out of the senatorial race.
(c) The chances of the water pipes freezing again are small, said Plumber John Sink.
10. (a) George Shults, secretary of state, was completely unaware of the Iran arms agreement.
(b) President Ronald Reagan prepared to enter a military hospital this weekend for prostate surgery.
(c) Sen. William Proxmire is expected to introduce a bill that would enable states to regulate environmental safety aspects of radioactive materials shipments.

1.B 2.D 3.C 4.C 5.B 6.B 7.B 8.A 9.A 10.B 11.A 12.B 13.B 14.B 15.B 16.B 17.B 18.A 19.B 20.B 21.B 22.A 23.B 24.B 25.B 26.C 27.B 28.B 29.C 30.B 31.A 32.C 33.B 34.B 35.C 36.B 37.A 38.A 39.B 40.C 41.B 42.A 43.B 44.B 45.A
1.B (double id) 2.A (double id) 3.C (Supt.) 4.A (first name) 5.B (D8) 6.B (D10)
7.A (Mrs.) 8.B (first name) 9 C (D9) 10.A (D11)
1.A 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.B 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.B 16.B 17.A 18.B 19.C 20.A 21.B 22.A 23.A 24.A 25.B 26.A 27.B 28.B 29.A 30.C 31.A 32.B 33.A 34.B 35.B 36.B 37.B 38.C 39.B 40.B 41.B 42.A 43.A 44.B 45.B 46.A 47.B 48.B 49.B 50.D 51.A 52.C 53.B 54.B 55.A 56.B 57.B 58.A 59.A 60.C 61.A 62.B 63.C 64.B 65.A 66.B 67.B 68.B 69.B 70.A

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