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This website is dedicated to any black woman who has ever felt her hair hasn't quite "measured" up. This website was created to celebrate the diversity of black hair. While it's no secret that I prefer "natural" hairstyles, I had no intentions of condemning those who relax their hair. It doesn't matter if its cornrowed, twisted, locked, braided, relaxed, or curly--black hair is beautiful. During my research, I found this poem by Priestess Jawanzaa:

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Society’s perception of beautiful,
Differs from culture to culture
White America’s idea of beauty,
Has encircled some of us like vultures
It’s believed by some of our sistahs,
That straight hair is much more attractive
Kept’n them to some extent enslaved,
And make’n them somewhat less attractive
curling irons
The more “beautiful” society says you are,
The more privileges would come
To achieve the look of “beauty,”
Bleaching and straightening was chosen by some
The products did promise to them,
Straighter hair and a lighter complexion
But many suffered burns and discolor,
Verses the straighter and lighter connection
curling irons
Hair relaxers are used to help,
Make black women’s hair real straight
For those who didn’t use the chemicals,
The hot comb and curlers were great
Now days black women have cosmetic surgery,
To change their bust or their nose
So why are we still not satisfied,
With the natural way we were composed
curling irons
The 70’s created much excitement,
Over blackness and the love of our beauty
Wear’n our naturals, afros, and cornrows,
Was considered to be part of our duty
Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder,
And is something we must never forget
Don’t ever let white America dictate,
Your standards of beauty we state
Verses the straighter and lighter connection
curling irons
By Priestess Jawanzaa

If you enjoyed this poem, check out her website Black Woman's Hair Poetry Website

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