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In the ever-changing and converging world of journalism, the importance of one quest remains constant and clear: the elusive internship.

An invaluable experience to any future journalist, the right internship can offer a wealth of knowledge, serve as a resume booster and give the right intern the most coveted prize in the business: contacts.

Compiled here are the experiences and opinions of various University of Florida journalism students and professors with the intent of aiding budding writers, editors and designers in determining what kind of publication and experience would best suit your needs.

Many found that any great internship is amazing whether you get clips or not — participating in editorial meetings, pitching story ideas, helping out in photo shoots and playing with toys are just a few perks noted by several University of Florida students who worked as interns with a variety of publications from local newspapers to national magazines.

But making copies and answering phones also have their merits: A display of dedication to the company and a strong, valiant work ethic are key characteristics of a desirable employee.

Please feel free to peruse the experiences of these young journalists and decide for yourself what kind of publication is best for you.

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