In 1999, a new law was passed to limit tobacco and alcohol advertising in electronic and print media and to align regulations with European Union standards.
The law banned ads with a sexual, religious or political bias. Here are some of the stipulations included in the law:
``Advertising should be decent, fair,...should not incite violence and should encourage environment-friendly behavior."
Tobacco and alcohol advertising will be banned on radio and television and on the covers of magazines and newspapers.
``Advertising for spirits and tobacco is also banned if it is aimed at under-age groups, or if it suggests that tobacco and liquor have therapeutic virtues or can solve personal problems."
Outdoors tobacco advertising was not restricted by the law. Under the new law, tobacco advertisements must include health warnings in Romanian -- the first such legal protection for Romanians since the fall of communism in 1989. Alcohol and tobacco ads are also banned in or around schools and hospitals.

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