Today, advertising of Western goods and services accounts for most of the spending, including advertising sponsored by local joint ventures, most notably by the mobile telephony operator Connex.

‘If in the past companies were less knowledgeable about the effective use of market communication, today they demand quality services, thus boosting the development of advertising agencies. Increasingly, advertising agencies deal with savvy corporate marketing departments. More and more corporate clients are seeking specific results and ask advertising agencies to meet specific sales targets.’

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One of the challenges faced in the early advertising stages was the lack of formal education for the Romanian professionals. Today they are several institutions that offer undergraduate and master degrees in communications and public relations. Most agencies started by first adopting global campaigns for the local use.

Couple of years ago the situation changed and campaigns with uniquely Romanian content came to life. Several agencies have already been selected as ‘regional centers of excellence to develop region-wide campaign for particular clients and products’. While Romanian advertisers prefer print media as an advertising outlet, due to its lower cost, with television and billboard advertising ranked as the second and third choices, respectively, the Romanian consumers prefer television advertising.

Other forms of advertising, such as outdoor, vehicle, point-of-sale, and direct mail advertising account for a smaller portion of the overall spending than TV and radio.
Outdoor advertising has been seen as another important medium and this attitude has been reflected in the numerous billboards and ads at every corner of street. It is mostly used in important town and on the highways, but it can be found even in the most remote village in Romania. Modern materials are used to manufacture billboards and other outdoor advertisements. Medium-sized, rotating advertising boxes on poles are widely used. Vehicle advertising has also seen a boom in recent years. Trolleybuses, buses, trams, subway, and taxis have been used as moving billboards.

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