The first advertising agencies faced the dilemma of what models should their advertisements be based upon. Should they have kept the Romanian cultural symbols, their credibility would have been doubted. "Communism propaganda” used to appeal to these methods.

On the other hand, the advertising agencies were reluctant to introducing western concepts and images. It seemed that in the end western cultural symbols came forward as the winner. Adopting the western model of advertising did not necessarily bring with it the regulations and laws that restrict the western advertising. Only recently have there been attempts to restrict the promotion of such products as tobacco and alcohol.

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One big mistake promoters of post-communism advertising made was not stressing enough the benefits advertising brings. Free choice is considered a unique feature of advertising, and therefore it transforms it into a tool of democratic progress. Looking around the world we can recognize that advertising is most at home in the capitalistic, free-market societies. Supply and demand promotes competition among providers, raising the quality standards for their products and services.


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