"The market is going global!” You have probably heard this statement hundreds of times before. If you think you you’ve heard enough of it, well, you will hear from it again and again. Why? Because the local is truly going global, and there isn’t a better example than the consumer industry.

As more and more multinational companies are expanding their services abroad, the global consumers are starting to share common characteristics and needs. Certain products have already been adopted as global brands: the Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinks; the McDonlad’s fast-food restaurant; the Mercedes-Benz auto and many more… Chances are that you’ll encounter some familiar products in your travels abroad.

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Advertising is one of the largest industries in the world and has become essential to promoting the expanding number of consumer products, both at the national as well international level. Advertising has played a key role in the development of emerging markets, such as the Romanian one.

When the “Communism Age” came to an end in 1989, many Romanians were looking toward newspapers, television, and other media outlets to regain the right of freedom. Advertising was not considered to be one of the outlets of promoting freedom. At the beginning, advertising was considered intrusive, unwanted, and unethical.

In a society that was trying to rebuild its economic and political structures, advertising was seen as an ‘invasion’ form the Western World, promoting mostly products and services that were expensive and sometimes unattainable to the middle and lower income citizens.


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