Recreational Opportunities


The exceptional entertainment value found in the arts is apparent in the exhibitions at the Harn Museum and Appleton Museum. Art should not only be educational but also entertaining and intriguing. Many of the different exhibits found in these museums are about emotional or cultural issues that people deal with day to day. Art is meant as a form of expression and many controversial pieces can be found at any good museum. Also as part of Gainesville's expression in art is the Hippodrome State Theatre. There you will find plays, cinemas and lectures from a very broad range of independent artists.

Something I haven't mentioned anything about yet is the Hippodrome State Theatre. The Hippodrome is an excellent place to catch unique plays and films that would not normally be in the commercial movie theatres. Currently playing there is the cinema called "The Santaland Diaries." If you go tickets are only about five dollars and there is a full service bar located within the building. To contact the theatre their number is: (352)378-2233


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