The Museums of Gainesville

This web site was created in hopes to inform the residents of Gainesville, Florida about their local museums. There are many opportunities in Gainesville for residents and students to experience different cultures of art. Most of them are not famous artists like Van Gogh or Monet, but the opportunities these museums provide range from exhibits of historical artifacts to gallery talks by local artists.


The Harn Museum

The Samuel P. Harn Museum is Florida's first major art museum in a state university setting. The Harn ha exhibitions of art collected over the past few decades. They represent different areas of culture, from Americas, Asia, Africa, Melanesia and Europe. This museum gives students an excellent educational experience and a chance to experience world-class art historians on exhibit.


The Matheson Museum

The Matheson Museum is a guide through the Alachua County's history, with donated collectibles from long time residents. It provides a research library for information on many Alachua County buildings and homes and a tour of local historic neighborhoods.


The Appleton Museum of Art

of Florida State University and Central Community College

The Appleton Museum is not located in Gainesville, but is one of the largest museums in the area and definitely worth the trip to Ocala, Florida to visit. The museum has eight different galleries to view from ranging from American to Islamic. This musuem is similar to the HArn, but with much more to offer.

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