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The Harn Museum of University of Florida is a museum dedicated to educating and enriching students and residents about different cultures and forms of art. They are one of the three largest visual arts facilities in Florida, allowing approximately 300 pieces of art to be viewed on a single visit. Not only do they provide a variety of exhibitions but they also have an auditorium, classrooms, a Museum study center and a Museum store.

In an attempt to reach the local community of Gainesville, Fl. the museum through state and private funding, has been able to start four successful marketing campaigns concluding the celebration of their tenth anniversary on September 19, 2000. They are exploring the use of billboards, transit advertising and many museum catalogs and brochures. Along with their own efforts, the museum's excellence has been noted by national publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Why is this museum so outstanding?

This admission free museum provides more than just numerous exhibits of art. They host lectures by French artists, gallery talks, Cinemas from film and video artists, workshops, and the Bishop Study Center provides exhibit related books, videos and cd roms for visitors.

In resent years this small town museum has made a name for itself by drawing in famous artists such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Rodin and Hopper. With seven different galleries they average 15 changing exhibitions per year, with its peak season focusing around the academic year to encourage the visits of students.