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Resources and Links

Here are the resources I used for this site. Many of these sites offer much more and are great resources for anyone considering a career in media law, or simply have an interest. Enjoy! - search current cases that have made the news

Cornell Law by Topic
Provides information about different law by topic. Links to New York court cases regarding that topic and the Circuit of Appeals. Great site for law junkies!

"Game Plan for Getting into Law School" by Peterson's
A must have for the potential law school student. Breaks down in simple terms what needs to be done to prepare for law school - everything from choosing, applying, preparing and paying for a law education.

Student Press Law Center
Learn what legal issues college media deals with and learn your rights as a journalist. Provides information about public records and open meeting laws.

Law School Admission Council
This site becomes the Bible for law school applicants. From school databases to online applications, this site is one stop shopping for potential students. Search schools by topic, region, etc. All information is provided for American Bar Association accredited schools.

*All photos of law schools were borrowed from the school's Web site. Please visit these schools' Web sites for more information regarding admissions, student life and online applications. Return to Program Index

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