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Here are some examples of recent cases argued in the field of media law. Notice that several fall under intellectual property law, however, they also appear for media law searches.

Random House vs. RosettaBooks

Random House Inc. settled a lawsuit on Dec. 4 against e-book publisher RosettaBooks, who was selling digital versions of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle” and seven other works.

The main issue of the debate was that two of the published works predated the Internet. So, does Random House’s copyrights to the work apply to the Internet?

Settling outside a courtroom leaves other publishers still waiting for an answer.

A federal judge ruled that Random House was “not likely to succeed on the merits of its copyright infringement claim and cannot demonstrate irreparable harm.” An appeals court later reaffirmed the decision.

The reached agreement gives Rosetta exclusive e-book rights to titles mutually decided with Random House.

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Michael Crichton, author of “Jurasic Park” and many other best-selling novels, won control of the domain name on Dec. 4. The decision was reached by a United Nations panel who saw no vested interest in the name by its owner, Alberta Hot Rods of Alberta, Canada.

The U.N. arbitration system, which started in 1999, allows those who think they have the right to a domain to get it back without having to fight a costly legal battle.

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