In order to have effective marketing for an agricultural product or service, one must incorporate media through advertising. Advertising is a paid, mass-mediated attempt to persuade the target audience. It is communication, not face-to-face, but through a medium.


A campaign should contain the proper media mix in order to effectively reach and persuade the target audience. The media mix is a blend of different media that works together to promote a good or service.


Types of media:
1. print
2. broadcast
3. internet
4. cable t.v.
5. direct mail
6. radio


All of these types of media are used to distribute advertisements and promotional messages. Many of them are exposed to consumers on a daily basis. Just because consumers are exposed to the media does not mean they will adopt what one is trying to promote.


Media Kits are also useful tools to promote aspects of the agriculture industry.
Here are a few examples of online media kits:








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