The book, "Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion," explains what a campaign is in technical terms:

"A campaign is a strategic and structured plan consisting of media, marketing communications, and Public Relations or promotional message strategies and executions with a consistent, unified theme, which is developed on the basis of formative research and analysis."

Here is an outline to get a better understanding of a campaign:


Introduction: Executive Summary and Overview of the company

Situation Analysis: History, Context, Industry Analysis, Market Analysis and Competitor Analysis

Objectives: Quantitative Benchmarks, Measurement Methods, Criteria for Success, and Timeframe

Budgeting: Methods, Amount, and Justification

Strategy: Clear and concise articulation of how the plan will achieve its objectives

Execution: Copy the strategy and include a media plan

Evaluation: Criteria, Methods, Consequences, and Contingencies


By using this plan as an outline for a campaign, the agricultural product or service should prove to be a huge success, now and in the future!

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