An audience is the individuals who receive and interpret the messages sent from advertisers or agriculture businesses through mass media. Since the Agriculture industry is so large and society is even larger, one must focus on a target audience. The target audience is a group of singled out consumers for a campaign. These individuals are "potential" consumers for the campaign because one can never be sure the message will get through to them as intended.


Conducting an audience analysis helps one to determine what type of media to use and how one will conduct the campaign. The audience must be broken down into demographics (age, race, sex, etc..) and psychographics (what they need, what they like, how they live, etc..).


Audience categories:
1. household consumers
2. members of business
3. organizations
4. members of trade channel- retailers, wholesalers, and distributors
5. professionals- doctors, lawyers, and teachers (anyone with specific training or certification)
6. government officials or employers


There are several audience analysis techniques. Here are some:
1. Focus Groups- small group interviewing of those who would potentially represent the target audience.

2. Survey Research- questionnaires to interview large groups of people who are usually selected at random, using scientific probability sampling methods. A correct sample is representative of the population in general.

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