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Applying traditional "intellectual property" doctrine to the Internet is not easy. Policy makers must walk a fine line, balancing the rights of inventors and authors against the public interest in the free exchange of information. Without a clear legal policy and without a strong body of precedent, however, many individuals may find that the "information highway" is riddled with legal blind spots. At these places of ambiguity, it may be difficult to protect oneself from liability or one's "works" from piracy. This site then introduces some of the key concerns related to copyright and the Internet and exposes some of the ambiguities. More specifically, this site site contains information related to:

Copyright Law

Copyrightable works :
Review of the legal requirements necessary to obtain a copyright.

Rights of the Copyright Holder:
The scope of legal protection afforded to copyright owners, particularly when those owners exhibit work and distribute expressive works on the World Wide Web.
Limitations on Copyright
Limitations on the scope of copyright protections, particularly as these limitations may pertain to the use and development of expressive works published online

Cases & Comments: Copyright Implications of Some Common On-Line Activities

Copyright implications of "surface" linking and "deep linking."

Framing or "In-Line Linking"
Copyright implications that might arise from "framing" copyrighted works within a new web site.


Copyright Crash Course
Take this course,to gain some preliminary knowledge about copyright and fair use. Sponsored by the University of Texas.

Copyright Website
Access this site to find answers to commonly asked questions about copyright. This site also includes information about copyright registration

Copyright Law and the Internet: Selected Statutes and Cases
Published as part of FindLaw's Corporate Counsel Center, this 1999 article is a comprehensive source about copyright in cyberspace.

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