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This site offers an analysis of some of the key copyright issues facing Internet publishers. This site does not, however, substitute for legal advice or provide legal counsel. This site is not a legal referral site and does not solicit for legal information or services.

This site contains information on issues and concerns related to:

Copyright Law

Ownership of Copyright
The scope of legal protection afforded to copyright owners, particularly when those owners exhibit work and distribute it on Internet
Use of Copyrighted Works
Limitations on copyright such as the exception for Fair Use and De Minimis use as they may apply to Internet publication and use
Works Unprotected by Copyright Law
The distinction between expression and idea and the definition of public domain.

Legal Theories

Traditional Theories
First Amendment support for as well as tension with copyright protection.

Traditional Theories in a Digital Era
Traditional theories relating to free speech and copyright protection as they apply to the Internet


Pictures, Sound and Video in Web Publishing
Major concerns related to the use of pictures, sound and video in web publishing

Special Cases

File Sharing
Major concerns related to file sharing on the Internet

Major concerns related to Internet linking, such as deep linking.



Copyright Crash Course
A comprehensive and easy to understand site sponsored by the University of Texas.

Copyright Website
An interesting and well-designed web site designed to answer common questions about copyright. Includes a tutorial in web site copyright registration

Copyright Law and the Internet: Selected Statutes and Cases
A 1999 article covering cases and statutes related to Internet publication and design. Published as part of FindLaw's Corporate Counsel Center, this article contains information on the most recent legislation governing copyright and the Internet, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act as well as information about U.S. and international efforts to apply copyright law to the Internet.
Copyright In the New World of Electronic Publishing
This presentation, prepared for the workshop Electronic Publishing Issues II workship at the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) in 1994, begins to describe ways that "moral rights" may play a role in future Internet-based copyright legislation and addressed fears about whether copyright law could continue to exist when applied to the Internet. Published by the University of Michigan Press.

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