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Special Cases

Louis CastroLouis Castro

Debut Date: April 23, 1902

Team: Philadelphia Athletics

Castro was officially the first Latin American player in the Major Leagues. In his records, he appears as born in an unknonw place in Colombia. But several studies from the Society of American Baseball Reserch (SABR), including one from the venezuelan journalist Juan Vene, show that Castro was Venezuelan. Actually, he might be a son from the Venezuelan dictator Cipriano Castro, who was the president from 1899 to 1908. According to the version, the president sent his son to Philadelphia for his college studies, but he did not registered for classes in 1902, he joined the Philadelphia Athletics without the authorization of his father and to remained covered it was told to be born in Colombia and was called "Louis" instead of "Luis". Another theory states that because of the bad relations between President Castro and the United States, he ordered his son to use another nationality to keep him safe. Castro only played for one season and his death was reported on New York in 1941. President Castro tried to go to the United States after he was ousted, but the American government did not allow him to enter as revenge to his policies. Instead, he remained in Puerto Rico, where he died in 1924. Nevertheless, there are still doubts about this case, who has been considered as one of the biggest challenges of Baseball Researchers.


Carlos AscanioCarlos "Terremoto/Earthquake" Ascanio

Debut Date: 1946

Team: New York Black Yankees - The Negro Leagues

"Terremoto" Ascanio was the only Venezuelan who played in the Negro Leagues, when racial barriers did not allowed colored players to join the Major Leagues. The Negro Leagues were considered as good as the Majors. Ascanio played only three months in 1946, where he received his nickname after his powerful swing. He was contacted by the Black Yankees after a succesful carrer with Magallanes in Venezuela. As many venezuelan former athletes, after his retire, he had economical problems and no support from the governement as a sport glory. Around the 90's he was a street salesman, and was suffering from diseases due to malnutrition. He died in Caracas on February 27, 1998.


Aurelio Monteagudo Aurelio Monteagudo

Debut Date: September 1, 1963

Team: Kansas City Athletics

Monteagudo was born in Caibarien, Cuba, but since his early years in baseball he played in the Venezuelan League with Caracas and La Guaira. He arrived to the majors in 1963 and played for 7 seasons, mostly as a relief pitcher. However he kept playing in Venezuela for years, where he holds some pitching records. Monteagudo established his residence in Venezuela, where he remained after his retire as a manager. Years later he was earned his citizenship from the countr where he had lived for more than 15 years and where he developed his skills for the game becoming another official venezuelan in the majors. During his last years he lived in Mexico where he died in Saltillo in 1990.


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