The ones who have reached the Majors

148 Venezuelans have dressed Major League Baseball uniforms since 1939, until the end of the 2002 season. Venezuela is only behind Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in number of foreign players in the Leagues.

These players have inspired thousands of Venezuelans and have been an example of perseveration and constancy. All of them, without exceptions, have started playing from the lowest Baseball categories in Venezuela and have reached the goal of every player in the world. Some of them only played a few games, but others have become heroes across the United States and other countries in the world. Most of them came from little towns and grew in poverty.

We present this gallery of all the Venezuelans who have played in regular season games in the Majors. These people have been the leaders of a sport movement that for more than 100 years have entertained a country who have supported them as if they were part of the family. Part of the history of the country has turned around these people.

We present them in a chronological order, according to their Major League Debut date. This list is being maintained by this way in Venezuela since the first player. Each one of them knows their number in history...


Alex Carrasquel1- Alejandro "Alex" Carrasquel

Debut Date: April 23, 1939

Team: Washington Nationals (Senators)


2- Jesus "Chucho" Ramos

Debut Date: May 7, 1944

Team: Cincinnati Reds


Chico Carrasquel3- Alfonso "Chico" Carrasquel

Debut Date: April 18 , 1950

Team: Chicago White Sox


Yo-Yo Davalillo4- Pompeyo "Yo-Yo" Davalillo

Debut Date: August 1 , 1953

Team: Washington Senators


Ray Monzant5- Ramon "Ray" Monzant

Debut Date: July 2, 1954

Team: New York Giants


Luis Aparicio6- Luis "Little Louie" Aparicio

Debut Date: April 7, 1956

Team: Chicago White Sox


Elio Chacon7- Elio Chacon

Debut Date: April 2, 1960

Team: Cincinnati Reds


Vic Davalillo8- Victor "Vic" Davalillo

Debut Date: April 9, 1963

Team: Cleveland Indians


Cesar Tovar9- Cesar Tovar

Debut Date: April 2, 1965

Team: Minnesota Twins


Gus Gil10- Gustavo "Gus" Gil

Debut Date: April 11, 1967

Team: Cleveland Indians




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