Online shopping retailer is defined as any seller that offers consumers with the opportunity to purchase something on the Internet. Consumers usually evaluate these retailers before they go online shopping and retailers try to avoid getting a bad reputation. Therefore, the reputation of retailers plays an important role in online shopping to both consumers and retailers.
Several researches have frequently referred to reputation as factor that influences consumer trust for sellers (Anderson & Weitz, 1989; Doney & Cannon, 1997; Ganesan, 1994). Chiles and McMackin suggested that reputation is a valued asset. Reputation is related to reliability or trust. Moorman et al. (1993) defined trust as ¡°a willingness to rely on an exchange partner in whom one has confidence¡±. According to the Theory of Reasoned Action (Fishbein & Ajzen, 1975) and the Theory of Planned Behavior (Ajzen, 1985), beliefs influence the person¡¯s attitudes and attitudes in turn affect behavioral intention, which is a good forecaster of actual behavior.

Therefore, it is expected that retailer¡¯s reputation is one of factors influencing consumer purchasing behavior.


The reputation of retailers is positively related to consumer purchasing behavior.



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