According to Arbitron/Edison Media Research (2002), 27 million Americans has accessed to the Internet with broadband. The penetration of at-home broadband reaches about 21% of total access to the Internet at home. Arbitron/Edison Media Research found that people with broadband access have ever purchased online more than people with dial-up access. According to this data, 47% of people with broadband access have purchased last month and 17% of them have purchased online last week, while 32% of people with dial-up access have made a purchase online and 10% of them have made a purchase online last week. In case of ¡°average number of Web sites purchased¡± and ¡°average amount spent online in last 12 months¡±, broadband users¡¯ data is higher than dial-up users¡¯.

Through this trend, the following hypothesis is expected:


People with Broadband Access are more likely to make a purchase online than people with Dial-up Access.


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