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Why: The Popularity

Why ask why? Online Advertising offers variety, effectiveness, and easy tracking...

There is no doubt that spending for online ads continues to increase by leaps and bounds every year. But why is this if there is such a debate over effectiveness? The one reason that most experts agree on is that Internet advertising equals variety. With traditional media, there are only a limited number of ways that the advertiser can call the viewer to action, demonstrate products/services, or relate user benefits. Not so with Internet technologies. Online ads have sound, video, animation and interactive capabilities. It's possible to reach a wide audience or a narrow margin of users. Response can be immediate. Most of all, advertisers can use a variety of methods and programs to track campaign effectiveness and performance.

Online advertising is also used to reinforce the other traditional advertising mediums. The Internet Advertising Bureau has listed 28 reasons why advertisers should take advantage of this new medium. The top ten reasons are:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Generate Product/Service Trial
  • Increase Brand Usage
  • Up-sell Customer to Premium Product/Service
  • Encourage Customer to Buy More Per Purchase
  • Improvement/Adjustment of Brand Attitude
  • Cross-Sell with Brand's Affiliate Companies
  • Co-Marketing of Non-Company Brands
  • Increase Repeat Purchase
  • Encourage Customer's Brand Loyalty/Brand Involvement

While there is much debate about the effectiveness of online advertising, all evidence points to the conclusion that it will not end any time soon, and in fact will only get bigger.



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