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Web Advertising

When: Take-off

To know where you're going, you must know where you've been. Here's a brief recount of the beginnings of online advertising...


  • Less than 15% of advertising executives feel prepared to handle Internet marketing
  • First banner ads are launched by HotWired
  • Advertising media kit is placed on the Internet by WebConnect


  • ESPN starts pitching advertisers on $1 million charter sponsorships of its site and other online properties
  • Yahoo! goes commercial
  • NetCount and Internet Profiles, two web audience tracking firms, are launched
  • Internet Advertising Council convenes
  • Forrester Research reports that online ad spending will total $37 million for the year
  • InfoSeek and Netscape shift to a CPM model to sell Web ads
Historical Tracking of Banner Click-Through Rates

US Web Advertising, in Millions and as a % of Total Spending


  • Jupiter Communications estimates ad expenditures for January at $7.3 million
  • Yahoo! allows Proctor & Gamble to pay for ads based only on click-throughs rather than ad impressions
  • Juno Online Services launches a free, ad-supported e-mail service
  • First content ads are placed when iVillage receives $800,000 in commitments using an ad model that combines editorial with marketing
  • Levi's Dockers division signs on for a one-year sponsorship of Dream Jobs channel
  • Companies spend $301 million in Web advertising
  • Consumers spend $1.3 billion online
  • Number of households online reaches 15.2 million


  • PointCast Inc. contracts with the Audit Bureau of Verification Services to perform the first-ever traffic audit on its popular Internet broadcast service




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