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Web Advertising

What: Important Terms

Catch the Internet wave.... Learn the basics. Here are some basic terms that apply to online advertising...

Types of Web Ads

Ad words are text-only ads generated via seach engines. Google's "Ad Words Select" feature costs $15-$10 (per thousand ads shown) for the first through third postions in a search listing, and $8 per thousand for positions four through eight. With over 150 million searches a day conducted via Google, these ads receive 4 to 5 times the number of clickthroughs than other methods of online advertising.

Banners are ads that appear across the top of a Web page, which are then linked to the advertiser's site. Banners are the most common form of online advertising. However, clickthrough rates have plunged to a low 0.39% average. Most banners are GIF images, but Flash banners are becoming more popular. There are eight standard sizes.

Buttons are smaller than a banner, square in shape and usually placed on either side of the site.

Content ads are links to advertisers' sites that are placed within the main body text of a Web page.

Interstitals are ads that appear in the browser window while another Web page is loading. They are the most common form of interruption marketing. Interstitials have a higher than average clickthrough rate.

Online Advertising Vehichles Used by US Marketers, 2002

Pop-up/Pop-under ads appear on separate browser windows while the user is on the Internet. The clickthrough rate is actually lower than reported because of accidental clicks. Pop-ups appear on top of the main browser window while pop-unders appear behind the main window.

Skyscrapers are tall and narrow ads, usually found on the right side of a site's content. They are also referred to as skyscraper banners. As with banners, they are usually GIF images, but many are Flash ads.

Sponsorships/Advertorials are content areas supported by a merchant, thereby blurring the line between content and advertising. The purpose is to build brand image and a gain the favor of the target market. It many not be especially obvious that the content is sponsored by an advertiser.


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