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Web Advertising

Who: The Big Players

There are many fish in the sea... Before you begin, you should know a little about the top online advertisers...


The following statistics for at-home internet users are based on banner impressions, or the total number of times a banner ad was loaded onto the screen during May 2001.


Microsoft Logo

#1: Microsoft with a reach of 49.6% and 2,226,380,000 impressions.

#2: Trust-e with a reach of 31.0% and 1,743,732,000 impressions.

Trust-e Logo

Yahoo Logo

#3: Yahoo! with a reach of 38.0% and 1,175,997,000 impressions.

#4: Amazon.com with a reach of 58.2% and 1,145,830,000 impessions.

Amazon.com Logo

Classmates.com Logo

#5: Classmates.com with a reach of 49.6% and 1,074,638,000 impressions.

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