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The target audience for internal public relations is an organization's employees from the CEO to plant workers and across the company as well.  It is imperative that an organization have a positive relationship with this public because its employees are the heart of the company.

In order to develop this relationship, an organization must be upfront with its employees, providing information about changes to the company or upcoming events and allowing those employees to have input as well.

"Just 2 It!"
University of West Florida

In 1993, the University of West Florida recognized a need for the creation of a safety program after a student was raped and murdered on campus.  The program that was developed was known as "Just 2 It!" and encouraged students to travel in pairs.

The plan that UWF developed was centered around its professors and staff in order to spread the information to the students on campus.  In order to create a feeling of understanding with the faculty, information was hand-delivered at the start of the campaign. 

They also created several promotional items with the logo for the program including T-shirts, bookmarks, posters and cups.  These items were handed out all over the campus.

Professors were asked in a personal letter to discuss the program with their students and were provided with the information and materials to do so.  Faculty was also made aware of each part of the program throughout the implementation of the plan.

The results of this campaign were notable.  It received positive media coverage and far exceeded its goals of awareness, tested through surveys  completed by students.  In fact, 77 percent of students said they were aware of the program.

The success of the program was largely due to the relationship developed with the employees of the program: the faculty at UWF.

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