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Women's History Month

Women's Leadership Council

Kristin Cooper
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What is Women's History Month?

It is a month long celebration of women's history and achievements during March.  Congress passed the National Women's History Month Resolution that declared March as the month to recognize women in 1987.  Since 1992 an annual presidential proclamation has been the official approval for what is now a major national and international celebration. 

The National Women's History Project  is a nonprofit educational organization established in 1980 to promote and provide resources about women's history.  The NWHP supplied information to schools about women's history and was a leader in petitioning Congress to pass the 1987 resolution.

The University of Florida began its participation and recognition of the month in 1995.  In 2002, the Women's Leadership Council joined the Women's History Month committee, comprise of faculty and staff, in planning events for the entire month.

What events are being held at UF this March?

Week 1: Violence against Women Awareness Week
-Self Defense Day (March 4th): Safety tips and techniques on the Reitz Union lawn
-Peaceful Paths Forum: Discussing abusive relationships and statistics

Week 2: Spring Break

Week 3: Women's Health Awareness Week
-Body Dysmorphic Forum: Discussing eating disorders and self-image

Week 4: Women's History Week
-Jeopardy Day: Mini games and prizes throughout the day
-Movie Night (March 28th): A Gator Nights celebration
-5K Run (March 29th): Promoting healthy habits and raising money for charity


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