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What is the Virtual Women's Center?
The Virtual Women's Center is a one-stop Web site for all things woman in the Gainesville area.  Here you can find information ranging from groups to join on campus, sexual assault counseling, leadership seminars and women's health information, just to name a few.

So please, look around, find something new and get involved.  It's your community and you have the right to know what's going on.

Why Have a Virtual Women's Center?
It is sometimes difficult to keep track of all of the different groups and resource centers available to women.  This Web site is a resource for students and community members looking for information on women's issues in our community.

The University of Florida and Gainesville communities have many great resources for women, but where can you go to find out about them all? Well now you can come to the Virtual Women's Center! 


*For a list of sources used to create this site, please see Bibliography.

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Please visit http://grove.ufl.edu/~ufwomen for an updated version of this site.

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Who Created the Center?
The Women's Leadership Council (WLC) is a student-run group located in the Dean of Students Office at UF.  For 16 years our group has programmed the annual Women's Leadership Conference at UF.  We've recently taken on Women's History Month events as well as a new annual project title Artistic Reflections Today. 

How Can You Post Info Here?
This site is a work in progress and only as good as its sources.  If you think this site needs information from your organization, please email the Webmaster.  New resources and calendar events are much appreciated.