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Kristin Cooper
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A Brief History of Women at the University of Florida*


-Women attended UF as early as 1906 during the summer to take education courses.

-In 1925 the Florida Legislature passed an act allowing women to enroll at UF as long as they were 21 years old, already finished two years of college and wanted to major in fields not offered at Florida State College for Women.


-In the spring of 1947 the Florida Legislature mandated that UF and Florida State College for Women become coeducational.

-In the fall of 1947, 601 women were enrolled as students at UF.


-Dr. Marna Brady became the first Dean of Women and was the only top-level female administrator.

-Brady founded the Women Students Association, a group that established various rules and regulations, established the sorority system and helped plan the building of female residence halls (Mallory and Yulee).


-The College of Nursing was established in 1956.

-Women students were excluded from participation in much of campus life, including extra-curricular activities.


-National civil rights and women's rights movements helped stir change on campus.

-Curfews and dress codes for women eliminated in 1967.

-Coed residence halls established.

-Slow increase in the number of women students and low number of female faculty.


-University Committee on the Status of Women established to change policies regarding women students, faculty and staff.

-In 1972 Title IX is passed prohibiting discrimination of students based on sex.

-Also in 1972: Women's Intercollegiate Athletics officially began. Women represented 36 percent of the student body and 11.9 percent of faculty.

-In 1974 the Association for Women Faculty was founded and lobbied the Florida Legislature for the passage of salary equity in 1976.

-In 1977 the Women's Studies Program was established and women began enlisting in the UF Army ROTC Unit.


-In 1983 the first woman Student Government President was elected.

-In 1986 the first African-American woman was elected as Student Government President.

-In 1986 women represented 45 percent of the student body and 16.5 percent of the faculty.

-In 1987 Congress passed the National Women's History Month Resolution that declared March as the month to celebrate and recognize women.


-We still sing “We are the Boys of Old Florida.”

-Women represented 49 percent of the student body and 21.5 percent of the faculty.

-Dr. Julie Sina is the first and only woman Dean of Students.

-In 1995 UF begins recognition and celebration of National Women's History Month on campus.


-Women comprise 24 percent of the faculty.

-The first woman Student Government President since 1986 is elected in 2002.

-Women celebrated over 50 years at UF and in 2001 represented 52 percent of the student body.


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*This information was compiled from UF personnel files, the National Women's History Project Web site and various lectures given by Dr. Phyllis Meek, former associate dean at UF.