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Women's History Month

Women's Leadership Council

Kristin Cooper
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UF Organizations:

Campus Now
-Advance the liberation of women on campus and in the community.
-Email: campus_now@hotmail.com

Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research
-Office: 3324 Turlington Hall, P.O. Box 117352, Gainesville, FL 32611

Florida Women in Business
-Support and enhance the educational and professional growth of individuals, particularly women, who have an interest in the field of business.
-The goal of the group is to expose individuals to various professionals in business, and networking opportunities, through speakers, professional groups, and various activities.
-Email: negar@ufl.eud

Gator Collegiate Cattlewomen Association
-Promote the welfare of the livestock industry and foster the well being of the beef industry through education and promotion.
-Bi-monthly meetings, In-store beef demonstrations, classroom discussions on beef, promoting the beef industry by displaying our booth at various functions and educating the public about beef safety.

Law Association for Women
-Symposium/ forum on gender bias in the legal profession, Three Rivers Legal Services volunteers, mentor program with the 8th Judicial Circuit.
-President, Lisa Davis
-Email: lad1112@ufl.edu
-Phone: 374-7947

Society of Women Engineers
-Encourages students pursuing a course of study in engineering or related field.
-Email: sweuf@grove.ufl.edu

Undergraduate Women In Science
-Develop a peer group, promote
-President, Kristina Winters
-Email: kmwinters@aol.com

Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood
-Exists to educate the university community about reproductive health and rights, to translate increased awareness into pro-choice activism on campus, and to serve as a coalition partner to state, national and international reproductive rights efforts.
-Phone: 377-0856 (Christine)
-President, Nicole Lang
-Email: Sunshinenl22@aol.com
-Phone: 335-4914

Women's Chorale
-Encourage the joyous singing among women at the UF.
-Email: UFWomensChorale@yahoo.com

Women's Clinic
-Click on Services link for Women's Clinic

Women's Club Soccer
-Develop soccer skills and compete at a competitive college level.

-Email: amoli@ufl.edu

Women's Lacrosse
-Practice and play the game of lacrosse.
-Email: ufl@swll.org
-President, Erin Hogan
-Email: ehogan@ufl.edu
-Phone: 372-3321

Women's Leadership Council
-Bring women leaders together to encourage, educate and motivate them to embrace the challenge of leadership; to offer the tools, skills and ideas necessary to help them set and achieve their educational, professional and personal goals; and to facilitate the advancement of the role of women in leadership positions on the UF campus and in the
Gainesville community, leading ultimately to the advancement, establishment and acceptence of women leaders in our society and around the world.
-Email: wlc@dso.ufl.edu

Women Raising Awareness in People
-Raise political, historical, and social awareness to UF students.
-Community service, educational forums and  Black Female Extravaganza, an annual showcase celebrating the struggles and triumphs of Black Women.
-Email: bfe0203-l@lists.ufl.edu

Women's Roller Hockey Club
-Email: kellroo@ufl.edu

Women's Rugby Football Club
-Rugby combines the synchronized movement of basketball, the continued movement of soccer and the physical contact common to football. The clubs practice twice a week and play in the Florida Rugby Union where they have won the championship on many occasions. All equipment is supplied and beginners are welcome.
-Email: ufrugby@hotmail.com

Women's Volleyball
-Give female athletes the ability to compete without the intense commitment of a varsity level sport.
-Email: tric322@aol.com

Women's Water Polo
-Nicole Jagusztyn
-Email: polochik14@netscape.net
-Phone: 264-0181


Health/Abuse/Assault Services:

Women's Health Research Center
-Links for any women's health topic including breast cancer, local women's clinics, rape and abuse resources, New York Times Women's Health news and many more
-Phone: 392-9000 or 392-9005
-Email: whrc@vpha.ufl.edu
-Located in a trailer on Mowry Road, just east of North South Drive and west of the Cogeneration Plant.
-Dr. Mary Ann Burg, M.S.W., Ph.D., Center Director
-Ms. Kathryn Grant, M.A., Center Coordinator & Webmaster
-Ms. Elspeth Keller, M.A., Program Assistant

Office of Victim Services, UPD
-Provides a crime victim advocate to anyone who may become a victim of crime while on the University of Florida campus. The victim advocate ensures that victims of crime receive fair treatment in accordance with the provisions of Florida State Statute 960. All services are free and confidential.
-Building 51, Museum Road
-Phone: 392-5648
-Email: mmonahan@admin.ufl.edu or dpotter@admin.ufl.edu

UF Counseling Center
-Professional counselors and therapists, offers individual or group counseling dealing with any form of sexual exploitation. All counseling services are free and confidential. Excellent referral system.
-301 Peabody Hall
-Phone: 392-1575

Student Mental Health Clinic
-Assists students toward successful completion of educational programs by enhancing and maintaining their psychological and emotional well-being, providing support in situational crises, and by treating students when functioning is impaired by stress or psychiatric disorders. All services are free and confidential.
-245 Infirmary Building
-Phone: 392-1171

-The Center for Sexual Assault/Abuse Recovery and Education, part of Student Mental Health at UF's Student Health Care Center, is committed to both awareness of and recovery from sexual and/or physical abuse.
-C.A.R.E. offers confidential individual and group counseling by specially trained therapists. Counseling services are available to male and female UF students who are victims of physical and/or sexual abuse or assault.
-Fax: 392-4873

Office of Student Judicial Affairs
-Responsible for the judicial aspects of the code of student conduct at UF. Ensures that students referred to the office receive fair treatment in all aspects of their hearing process. Students, faculty, staff who believe that there has been a violation of the student code can contact the office of the Director to discuss options available for reporting incidents to the appropriate authority.
-P202 Peabody Hall
-Phone: 392-1261
-Email: cwilliams@dso.ufl.edu



Gamma Sigma Sigma
-Develops a spirit of service to humanity and friendships among students of all races and creeds.
-Email: gammasig@grove.ufl.edu
Alpha Chi Omega
-Alpha Chi Omega House
-Phone: 373-8311

Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Delta Pi House
Phone: 376-1972
-President, Erin Fogle
-Email: Emf21@ufl.edu

Alpha Epsilon Phi
-Alpha Epsilon Phi House
-Phone: 372-2535

Alpha Kappa Alpha
-Office: 310 Reitz Union
-Phone: 392-1665
-Email: IotaLambda_1975@yahoo.com

Alpha Omicron Pi
-Alpha Omicron Pi House
-Phone: 373-4550
-President, Lara Tucci
-Email: tucce11@aol.com

Chi Omega
-Phone: 372-3434
-Email: superclnr@aol.com

Delta Delta Delta
-Establish a perpetual bond of friendship for members.
-Delta Delta Delta House
-Phone: 376-0982
-Email: csuber@ufl.edu

Delta Gamma
-Delta Gamma House
-Phone: 371-9563/376-5284

Delta Phi Epsilon
-Office: Mimi Howard
-Phone: (352) 378-1126
-President, Jennifer Singer
-Email: libra1500@aol.com

Gamma Eta Sorority
-Promote sisterhood, diversity, campus involvement, academic achievement and community service.
-Office: P.O. Box 11992 Gainesville FL 32604
-President, Michelle Mirabal
-Phone: 373-1433
-Email: gh_alphapres@hotmail.com

Kappa Delta
-Kappa Delta House
-President, Whitney Helms
-Phone: 271-0905
-Email: dayz303@aol.com

Kappa Kappa Gamma
-Office: 401 SW 13th St.
-Phone: 377-3070
-President, Samantha
-Email: slhazen@ufl.edu
-Phone: 271-0961

Lambda Theta Alpha
-Teach the student body about Latino culture, women in particular.
-Fundraisers, service, cultural activities, socials and academic activities.
-Email: LTAchichapter@yahoo.com
-President, Kimberly Lopez
-Phone: 377-2831
-Email: klopez223@aol.com

National Pan-Hellenic Council
-Composed of the representatives from the NPHC organizations on campus. Promotes unity and cooperation between the historically black Greek letter organizations.
-Office: 310 C JWRU
-Phone: 374-2255

Panhellenic Council
-Composed of representatives and chapter presidents from each NPC sororities on campus.
-Office: 310E
-Phone: 371-3111

Phi Mu
-Office: Phi Mu House
-President, Suzanne Watt
-Email: suzannewatt@hotmail.com
-Phone: 378-2602

Pi Beta Phi
Pi Beta Phi House
-Phone: 372-5303
-President, Courtney Holston-Toth.
-Email: courtis@ufl.edu

Sigma Gamma Rho
-Office: Reitz Union 3rd Floor
-Phone: 352-365-0565
-President, Candace Hunter
-Email: sgrhobas@yahoo.com

Sigma Kappa
-Sigma Kappa House
-Phone: 372-1212
-President, Jessica E. King
Sigma Lambda Gamma
-Promote excellence in morality, ethics and education. Work to better serve the needs and wants of all people with information
about the diverse cultures we all share.
-Office: Reitz Union
-Phone: 376-9582
-Email: slg_pa@yahoogroups.com
-President, Corleon J. Taylor
-Email: cjtaylor@ufl.edu
-Phone: 377-2649

South Asian Sorority Interest Group
-Foster unity among South Asian women, build community awareness and gain a greater
understanding of oneself and others. Instill
leadership traits, excel in all academic endeavors, encourage an active relationship between the sorority and its respective university, and do so with the utmost compassion, dignity, and fortitude. 
-Service projects, social events and cultural shows.
-Office: Exchange Apts.
-President, Priya Patel
-Phone: 336-6241
-Email: priyap@ufl.edu

Zeta Phi Beta
-Foster ideals of service, charity, scholarship, civic and cultural endeavors, sisterhood and finer womanhood .
-Office: 310C J. Wayne Reitz Union
-President, Brandy N. Williams
-Email: BNW82680CL@aol.com
-Phone: 377-3798

Zeta Tau Alpha
Zeta Tau Alpha House
-Phone: 378-7196
-President, Carolyn Cote
-Email: cote@ufl.edu

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