Will It Survive, and Thrive, in an Online World?







The early days of broadcasting, were, of course, radio endeavors as compared to television ones. When Guglielmo Marconi, 'the Father of Radio,' wanted to use his invention to cover the America's Cup yacht race in 1899, computers and the Internet were not even a hint in a single imagination.

By 1920, KDKA used the Associated Press election returns from the Harding / Cox presidential race to broadcast the first ever radio newscast.

Through the 1940s and wartime, radio was a crucial source of information to the people.

One of my favorite examples regarding the rise of television is WTVJ-TV in Miami, Florida. Florida's first television station, WTVJ (Now NBC 6) went on air on March 21, 1949 at 12 pm and actually had a 25 minute newscast that day at 7 pm. This with only 2,000 total television sets in South Florida.

A staple of WTVJ for the next 50 years, 'Weaver the Weatherman' (Bob Weaver), gave South Florida its first tv weather report in 1951.

Since then, WTVJ, and numerous other stations in greater Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, have the area covered. And this, of course, includes the Web... We are, after all, in 2002... The Present is here...



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