Dispelling the Myths of Vegetarianism

Myth 4: Only tree-huggers or liberal activists are vegetarians.

This one is very popular among the media. The word vegetarian often invokes images of Birkenstocks and long hair. But again, it’s not true! About 12 million people in the United States are vegetarians, and they don't all fit the stereotypical image of a vegetarian. People are turning to the vegetarian diet for various reasons--whether it be health, environmental or animal concerns. Today’s meat contains antibiotics and artificial growth hormones and some don’t want to ingest that (1).

Here are some famous vegetarians from the past, as well as today (4):

Charles Darwin Voltaire Jennie Garth Fred Rogers David Bowie
Leonardo da Vinci Socrates Peter Gabriel Jerry Seinfeld Kim Basinger
Thomas Edison Jerry Garcia Michael W. Fox Janet and Michael Jackson Bob Barker
Albert Einstein Linda McCartney Christie Brinkley Dustin Hoffman Steve Martin
Ben Franklin Bryan Adams Stevie Nicks Boy George Carl Lewis

The above list shows that not every vegetarian is a liberal activist. Quite a few of the world’s greatest philosophers and thinkers chose the vegetarian lifestyle. Some go vegetarian for spiritual reasons—members of numerous Middle Eastern religions as well as the Seventh-Day Adventist Church are encouraged to be meat-free.

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