Dispelling the Myths of Vegetarianism

Myth 3: How do you get enough protein?

If you are not worrying about this, then someone else is. By far, this is the most prevalent myth regarding vegetarianism. It is understandable, since we were all taught in elementary school that the only protein sources are meat. Yet we rarely need to worry about getting enough protein (3).

Only 2.5-10 percent of a person’s diet should be protein, which for a 120-pound person means 44 grams of protein. With a 10-oz steak having a whopping 70 grams of protein, the average American most likely consumes way too much (7).

Vegetarians can get plenty of protein from other sources than meat. Contrary to what we learned, vegetables, grains, seeds and beans also contain protein. With a little planning, a vegetarian can get enough of what they need.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating protein into your diet without eating meat (4):

Food Item Amount of Protein in Grams
1 oz. cheese 7
1 egg 7
1 cup milk 7
1 veggie burger 5-25, depending on brand
1 veggie hotdog 8
1 cup vegetarian chili 24
2 tbsp. of peanut butter 8
1 slice of whole-wheat bread 2-3
1 whole bagel 6
½ cup cooked pasta 6
1 bean burrito 8
1 cup pasta with 1 cup of assorted vegetables 18

Thus, the above list shows just how easy it is to get adequate protein without eating meat.

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