Dispelling the Myths of Vegetarianism

Although the vegetarian diet is becoming more and more popular, popular media continues to spread old myths and misconceptions. Contrary to what we see on TV or read in articles, the diet is no longer only for hippies, liberals and tree-huggers. Most importantly, vegetarianism has been proved to be a healthy lifestyle.

At this Web site, I will contradict the most popular myths about vegetarianism with facts and sources. Hopefully, if you are not a vegetarian, this will help you better understand the diet. If you have chosen this lifestyle, this site will help you answer all those questions people ask of you. To begin, just click on the myth you want to dispel.

Myth 1: Vegetarianism is unhealthy.

Myth 2: Vegetarians are lacking vitamins and nutrients.

Myth 3: How do you get enough protein?

Myth 4: Only tree-huggers or liberal activists are vegetarians.

Myth 5: Our bodies require us to eat meat.

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