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The Clean-up, 1954-1955

  • Backed by the RBA, Albert Patterson runs for attorney general.
  • Patterson wins the Democratic Party’s nomination despite vote fraud by the opposition.
  • Reporter Ed Strickland notices a discrepancy in the election totals and reports it.
  • Lamar Reid testifies before the grand jury that Arch Ferrell and Si Garrett showed him how to change figures on the election recapitulation sheet.
  • June 18, Si Garrett is called before the grand jury to testify about vote fraud.
  • June 18, Albert Patterson is assassinated leaving his office.
  • June 23, Si Garrett is called before the grand jury a second time. After more than 10 hours of testifying Garrett leaves Alabama and checks into a Texas mental hospital.
  • Gen. “Crack” Hanna, commanding general of the National Guard, is called in to keep the peace, assist law enforcement and close down the gambling joints.
  • After four weeks of investigations local law enforcement, under the direction of Sheriff Matthews, fail to turn up any evidence.
  • Governor Gordon Persons declares a state of martial law in Russell County, the National Guard take over the responsibilities of local law enforcement.
  • Albert Fuller is indicted for the murder of Albert Patterson along with Arch Ferrell and Si Garrett.
  • After running unopposed, John Patterson takes his father’s place as attorney general.
  • Albert Fuller is convicted of murder.
  • Arch Ferrell is acquitted of vote fraud and murder.
  • Si Garrett, still residing in a mental hospital, gets his case dropped.




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