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Hon. William Benton, former RBA member. 8/13/02

Benny Cole, Phenix City barber. 10/19/02

Hilda Coulter, RBA Auxiliary. 8/15/02

Steve Franklin, Phenix City resident. 8/16/02

Patricia Griggs, Phenix City resident. 10/20/02

Ray Griggs, Phenix City resident, former gambler's son. 10/20/02

Prof. John Luphold, History Department Chair, Columbus State University. 10/19/02

Dick McMichael, retired news anchor, Columbus. 10/21/02

Hon. John Patterson, former Governor of Alabama and son of Albert Patterson. 8/14/02

William Winn, Columbus resident and retired editor of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer editorial page. 10/21/02



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