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Grady, Alan. “When Good Men Do Nothing: The Murder of Albert Patterson”. Alabama Heritage, Winter 1996. v39, pp6-21. Describes Patterson’s attempt to stand up against the corruption in Phenix City, which resulted in his murder. A separate section describes General “Crack” Hanna’s life.

Jackson, Harvey H. III. "Book Review of Margaret Anne Barnes’ The Tragedy and the Triumph of Phenix City". The Journal of Southern History. May 2000, v 60.

Rich, Bennett M. and Phillip H. Burch, Jr. “The Changing Role of the National Guard.” The American Political Science Review. Vol. 50, issue 3 (Sept., 1956) 702-706.

Rosenbaum, Jonathon. “The Apotheosis of Southern Sleaze. Experiencing the reality of Phil Karlson’s The Phenix City Story.” Oxford American. Winter 2002. Review of the 1954 movie, The Phenix City Story. The author also makes references to the documentary Up from the Ashes (2001) and Margaret Anne Barnes's book, The Tragedy and the Triumph... (1998).

Williams, Lee E. "Book Review of The Tragedy and The Triumph of Phenix City." The Mississippi Quarterly. Winter 1999, v 53, 1,181. Praises the book for accuracy and criticizes it for not including notes and resources.



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