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Albert Fuller

Courtesy of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Albert Fuller grew up in Phenix City and had a reputation as a bully. After graduating from high school Fuller joined the Navy and was stationed in Texas where he learned to shoot and crafted his tough image with a white Stetson and cowboy boots. When he returned to Phenix City after WWII he took a position with the sheriff's department.

First Kill
Fuller's first fatal use of his gun came in March 3, 1949. Albert Fuller shot Guy Wilson Hargett five times in the chest as Hargett sat in a chair at home. Fuller claimed it was self defense and that Hargett fired first. Hargett's wife claimed Hargett was asleep at the time of the shooting. Sheriff Mathews and solicitor Arch Ferrell backed Fuller's story.

Albert Fuller quickly gained power and influence in Russell County, creating his own position as Chief Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff Mathews allowed Fuller free reign over the county. Fuller partnered with Cliff Entrekin to run Cliff's Fish Camp, the most lucrative house of prostitution in the county. The prostitution business in Phenix City thrived under Fuller's protection which could be bought for one third of the income. Fuller recruited new prostitutes by arresting young girls looking for work in Phenix City nightclubs. The prostitution house operators would then visit the girl in jail and offer her bond in exchange for work.

Paying the Price
Fuller was arrested for the murder of Albert Patterson as he was recovering from a back injury. Fuller claimed the injury resulted from falling off a horse, though authors Strickland and Wortsman report in their book that the injuries more likely were the result of a feud between Fuller and Phenix City Police Chief Buddy Jowers over territory. (Jowers was also collecting protection money).

On March 11, 1955, Fuller was convicted for the murder of Albert Patterson. He served time in prison, was paroled and died with a broken neck suffered from falling off a ladder.

Albert Fuller
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